“The benevolent fund was the main reason we decided to come here, the security to know we will be taken care of the rest of our life. We said to our daughter, ‘this is for you, a big gift you do not have to worry about aging parents’.”

- Ric and Yerti Nelson, residents at Abbey Delray South


“The Foundation allows residents and team members to collectively contribute to a fund which can be used to support the health and well-being of our own residents and team members. It is a recognition that those of us who can help our fellow man want to do something to show an appreciation for all that has been done for us.”

- Carl Gaddis, resident at Friendship Village of South Hills


“Part of our decision to choose Beacon Hill was being part of a larger entity like Lifespace. Having committed to this community, I have gotten a growing sense that this is ‘home.’ There are causes that I care so much about that I want to continue to provide support for even beyond my lifetime. The Lifespace Foundation allows me to do that.”

- Sara Robertson, resident at Beacon Hill


“The Foundation lets the residents add the finishing touches to enhance the quality of life at their Lifespace community.”

- Howard Mick, resident at Claridge Court


“Delores’ mom lived at Friendship Village Bloomington for 11 years. She knew, that regardless of her financial situation, she would always enjoy the lifestyle alternatives and services provided her. Now that we’ve moved in too, we know that our children will never have to worry about taking care of mom and dad.”

- Jon and Delores Roeder, second generation Lifespace residents at Friendship Village of Bloomington


“The Team Member Emergency Assistance Fund is very important. Oak Trace has a wonderful staff at all levels and it is inevitable that some will encounter financial needs beyond their immediate ability to meet. This portion of the Lifespace Foundation mission is not widely known, but with general appreciation and enthusiasm for team members it is good to know of this resource.”

- Rev. David Bebb Jones, resident at Oak Trace


“The Lifespace Foundation exists solely for our benefit, to support residents and team members."

- Ev Bergquist, resident at Abbey Delray


“None of us as residents have gotten to where we are without planning. When we were in our 20’s, 30’s, 40’s or 50’s we never planned to come to a Lifespace community, but we did plan to be able to enjoy our later years. Because of our planning then, we are where we are now. We need to continue our planning now, perhaps for our benefit in the future, or the benefit of our friends and neighbors, or even perhaps even for the benefit of strangers. What the future of the benevolent fund holds for the future is unknown, but we have the ability to help shape that future.”

- Larry Herbert, resident at Village on the Green


“I volunteer on the Foundation Advisory Committee and run, aided by dedicated assistants, the Waterford Library. The library is now enhanced by more large print books, audio CDs, and computers purchased through The Lifespace Foundation. This is truly a worthy cause to support!”

- Anne Gibb, resident at The Waterford

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