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Honoring Tenured Residents

Several Communities Host “Celebration of Years” Events

In an effort to recognize the dozens of long-time residents who call their communities home, the Foundation Advisory Committees (FACs) at Village on the Green, Abbey Delray, and The Waterford were instrumental in organizing inaugural “Celebration of Years” events. 

“It was a great way to honor people who’ve been here a long time,” said Bea Buder, FAC member at Abbey Delray. 

“The overall theme centered on the many friends the honorees have made over the years,” said Jim Beerman, FAC chairman at The Waterford. 

The events, catered by Thomas Cuisine and funded by The Foundation, celebrate residents who have been at their respective community for 15-plus years. Each attendee was bestowed with a certificate and plaque: 41 recipients at Village on the Green, 22 at Abbey Delray, 18 at The Waterford. 

“I think it raised awareness that people in this community stay here a long time,” said Larry Herbert, FAC chairman at Village on the Green, adding that more than 15% of their residents have lived there 15 years or longer. 

Larry, Bea, and Jim all agree the high number of tenured residents reflects the comprehensive, convenient lifestyle provided by their communities and throughout the Lifespace organization.

“When people move to a place like this, they don’t have to worry about little things in life,” said Larry. “They tend to focus on things that are more positive, and they have the opportunity to do things they wouldn’t if still living in their house.” 

“I do think it speaks to the quality of living here,” added Bea. “We’re offered so many advantages. I feel very safe, my children feel safe with me here – it’s a wonderful life here.”