Relationships and memories treasured -
Friendship Village of Bloomington receives generous gift

Jo and Marjorie Grinnell had no qualms about donating $100,000 to The Lifespace Foundation in late 2017. The couple, who lived at Friendship Village of Bloomington for 16 years prior to relocating out of state for family reasons, loves the community dearly.

“My wife and I had some very happy years there,” says Jo. “Our time was filled with great relationships and memories, and we miss it very much. This gift was a way for us to give thanks for that wonderful experience.”

The Grinnells allocated their donation to the community’s general use fund, and The Foundation Advisory Committee at Friendship Village of Bloomington, in conjunction with The Lifespace Foundation, will designate the contribution to the areas of greatest need. Jo explains that the culture of giving at the community also inspired their gift.

“There’s a long tradition of giving back at Friendship Village, and we are proud to still be a part of that,” says Jo. “The community does a great job, and we hope our contribution will help them continue on that path.”

David Miller, executive director at Friendship Village of Bloomington, expresses deep appreciation for the Grinnells’ thoughtfulness and goodwill. “Knowing that our community has such a positive impact in the lives of our residents is gratifying,” says David.

“I’ve always believed that philanthropy is much more than a transaction. It’s an experience,” says Amy Brainard, director of The Lifespace Foundation. “As our communities expand and thrive, the need for philanthropy that supports our residents can’t be overstated.”

“Gifts like this help sustain and bolster our services and offerings. They are making a difference in the lives of others and we are truly thankful for their generosity. David Miller, Executive Director at Friendship Village of Bloomington.