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New meal containers benefit resident welfare

A certain frog once said it’s not easy being green, but residents of Claridge Court would most likely challenge that assertion. A group of residents who compose the “Green Team” committee made a big push in 2018 to rid their community of Styrofoam containers once used to transport takeout meals.

In line with The Foundation’s mission to support the health and welfare of residents, eliminating Styrofoam containers helps protect residents from chemicals that can be released when heated in a microwave, and it also reduces negative impacts on the environment from Styrofoam manufacturing.

The new takeout containers purchased with Foundation funds are providing other resident benefits, too. These include increased convenience and ease when taking meals back to their apartment homes and in reheating meals. For residents with mobility issues, the new containers can be the difference between enjoying a meal and having to work to enjoy a meal.

This effort was made possible due to collaboration with Lifespace culinary partner Thomas Cuisine Management and their commitment to support any future funding needs for this initiative. The change in takeout containers also plays into the larger role of Masterpiece Living® in the lives of residents. The program, adopted at all Lifespace communities, promotes informed, active seniors taking a serious look at all aspects of successful aging.

Resident Howard Mick, who chairs The Foundation Advisory Committee at Claridge Court, said the switch to new recyclable or compostable takeout containers has been a great success.